Cynthia M. Parker


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I am a Colorado transplant, originally from the DC area. The youngest of six kids, I had always had a pioneering spirit, which I attribute to drawing me to my new home city, 12 years ago. Being raised the youngest of 6 kids, you learn a lot. You know that you must earn and fight for everything you want, you learn never to be late to the dinner table, and you learn empathy and care for the underdog. I hear a lot about the baby being spoiled. I guess my parents didn’t get the memo.

I fell in love with real estate while working in my 15+ year law enforcement career. I loved everything about my previous career, so much so that I wasn’t considering a career as an agent. I went to real estate school because I wanted to know what agents knew, for my own investments. From there, my instructors kept encouraging me to become a Broker. When I started with my former company back east, I was hooked. I started working with a lot of police officers and first responders and still have an affinity and a connection to that community to this day.

This career is about service. And just like police work, you won’t go wrong if you remember who you serve! You will meet people in this line of work who are battling through a crisis, yes, even while in the middle of a real estate transaction. Or, maybe the major problem in their transaction has to do with their transaction file. Crisis intervention is a skill that VERY few people process and I was fortunate enough to be trained in it. Folks need someone who can deal with that stress and crisis and guide them through.  It's this spirit and a desire to help people succeed, that I serve my community.

I specialize in the Cross Creek, Traditions, and Adonea neighborhoods.